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SIGNATURE STYLE. It’s not a beer pong table—it’s a work of art. When we set out to create the next generation of beer pong table, we knew we had to enlist a next generation graphic designer. That’s why we asked world-renowned designer Hydro74 to create the first-ever table in the BPONG Signature Line. Setting a new standard for beer pong tables everywhere, once you play on this table, you won’t want to play on anything else—and because it’s built to the official specs of The World Series of Beer Pong,® you won’t have to. Game On!

This BPONG beer pong table is built of sturdy aluminum. Two handles make transportation of your beer pong table simple, and the beer pong table sections have a small latch to keep the table in briefcase-form through transit.

This table is the official beer pong table of The World Series of Beer Pong.

Vital Stats and Dimensions of this Beer Pong Table

– 8 feet long – 2 feet wide – about 27.5 inches tall when setup

– Folds down into a portable 2 feet x 2 feet x 5 inches

– Weighs in at 21 pounds

– Ships Same Day!

Hydro74 Promo on Vimeo

BPONG.COM WSOBP 公式ビアポンテーブル ハイドロ74 Beer Pong Table Hydro74

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